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Juno Mallet is always in looking for people who share the same passion for elegant style as we do. We can grow together and spread across the land.


© Life of Mori

Great thankfulness to Mori for sharing her watch open boxing video, along with her memorable moments and days of life in Japan. Subcribe her Youtube Channel to know more lifestyles in Japan.

© Vantoee

Vantoee She is a Fashionable Geologist. Take a grand view on her unboxing video via Living Locket Watch, also follow her Lookbook to find trends to elevate daily outfits.

© 뉴요커언니

© Kimigami

This creative video is about Kimigami's handmade masterpiece via origami and DIY paper. Let's see how to fold miniature origami lucky star as charms for a living locket watch. Watch on Youtube for more surprises.

© Natacha's Vlogs

© Dream in reality

© MC Life Vlog