Say no to white Christmas, Juno Mallet will color up your pale Christmas season

Once comes the winter, people hide themselves into thick heavy clothes. Have a look at the street, tedious black becomes the main color. Even the sky becomes boring gray. Actually, the more freezing this winter is, the more emergency to color up your mood. Today, Juno Mallet brings the new Lollipop collection to light up your whole winter. What makes you stand out in the crowd? Sometimes, a spring of light pink can steal more spot light than a huge block of heavy red. No mention that red is enough in this Christmas season. The Lollipop collection contains three light colors: Flamingo Pink, Tiffany Blue, cyber Yellow. Each of them can satisfied your girl’s dream. You can see how ingenuity the designer is through the vividly color and the minimalist design. With the Lollipop collection, you can definitely be the most fashion girl in this white Christmas. Can we have more fun? Since the invention of the watch, it is always the symbol of social status. People are crazy for watch with diamonds, with hesalite crystal dial, or with golden strap. Come on, this is twenty one century, can we have more fun and be more creative with our watch? Yes, of course! Juno Mallet watches are always have interchangeable straps, just by a little click, you can easily choose the strap you like to make a new combination. No matter what color do you like, no matter what strap material do you wanna use, Juno Mallet can always satisfied your imagination.


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